Everything you wanted to know about roofing services and plumbing

We know you’ve probably got some questions, so we’ve compiled the top questions we get asked from our clients and provided answers right here for you.For any other enquirers call us between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Here’s some helpful FAQ’s from the team at Professional Plumbing and Roofing Gold Coast.

FAQs | Roof Restoration Gold Coast | Professional Plumbing & Roofing
Do you remove the old roof and take it away?

Yes, we will remove your old roof and discard it appropriately.

Do you clear away any rubbish left?

Yes, we have a few options.We can organise a skip bin hire for larger rubbish removal or simply take it with us in the work vehicles.

Can I still live in my home as normal while Roof restoration, Roof Repairs, or a Roof Replacement id being done?

Yes, we can undertake all the above work whilst you live normally inside.

Will I need to have any other work done to make my roof compliant with current building standards?

This all depends on the age and construction of your current roof. If we replace more than 20% of your current roof we will need to have it certified and checked as per Queensland building construction guidelines. All of this will be worked out prior to a quote being done.

Do you require a deposit before commencing work?

Yes. PPR have a strict 50% up front deposit before any works commence, with the remaining balance due on completion. This is to cover part of the cost of materials.

Can your roofing services be done in wet weather conditions?

Depending on the conditions but most of the time it’s not likely PPR will undertake any roofing works during rain periods.

Do your plumbing services have a guarantee?

We guarantee all our works at PPR.

Do your roofing services have a guarantee?

We guarantee all our works at PPR.

Do you do after hours for emergency plumbing?

We don’t currently offer this service.

Are Professional Plumbing and Roofing members of any industry associations?

PLEASE PROVIDE ANSWER (include associations if any)

Do you need to take onsite measurements for roofing or guttering services?

Yes, unless accurate plans can be supplied.

Can you remove asbestos if it is required?

PPR have contractors we work with in the event where asbestos needs to be removed. PPR can take care of organising and liaising with asbestos removal contractors.