We make fascias convenient

Fascias give more than just a stylish aesthetic to a home, they hold guttering in place and protect the edges of your roof.

With the downpours that the Gold Coast is renowned for, having fascias, guttering, and downpipes that are in good working repair is important. Give the nature of fascias and how they work, it’s imperative that a qualified plumber installs them. This is because both guttering and the fascia are essentially part of the plumbing system.

Fascias | Roof Restoration Gold Coast | Professional Plumbing & Roofing

We’ll work on fascias in any size home or building on the Gold Coast.

We can repair fascias, install fascias, and make sure they are doing their job as part of the drainage system, making sure rainwater runs off your roof. We work with quality products design for Australian standards and conditions.

Our team at Professional Plumbing and Roofing Gold Coast are fully qualified and experienced plumbers and roofers. This means all our work is done by licensed tradesmen and comes with our work quality guarantee.

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We operate Monday to Friday from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm and service all areas of the Gold Coast for Metal Roofing Services, Plumbing Services, Insulation, Colorbond, and Whirlybirds for commercial and residential clients.

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